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Danube Islands Explorer program

   Most of us have know about the IOTA program for activation of the oceanic islands, opportunity to get different certificates and diplomas.
   We tought to offer a program somewhat similar, to radio activation of islands located on the Danube river. If activation of the islands of the world's ocean is not very easy for any amateur radio, due to high costs, we believe that visiting and activating of a Danube islands is more easier.
   Activating the Danube islands, we have the opportunity to make known in the world these pearls of nature and to make our call-sign known as expeditionary with the opportunity to cause a real pile-up's in the bands.
   Special mention to the wonderful trip that we can do with our family and/or friends.

   Many of Danube islands are part of nature reservations, so that we can activate simultaneously WFF areas.
   We divide the Danube islands in several sectors, depending on the country they belong. Each island has a code of 3 letters and 2 digits, depending on the country.
   In the published tables you have: code island, denomination, grid-locator, geographical coordinates and various annotation such as acces points, WFF areas, etc. As new information is developed, it will be added to each island.

   For islands activators we prepared some certificates which will be provided free of charge in three classes:
Island activator: activation of one island.
Island explorer: activation of at least 3 different islands or 3 activations at least 2 different islands.
Island explorer master: activation of at least 3 different islands of at least 3 countries.

   For island hunters:
"Worked Danube islands" award:
Basic award is given for QSO's with at least 3 different islands (one QSO/island).
Higher class awards are granted for each new group of 3 islands.
On request, awards may be endorsed with the following specifications: one country, different modes or bands.
For stations who make QSO's with islands on all 7 Danube countries, a special award will be given.

Are valid QSO's made after January 01, 2010.

GCR certified by two hams, will be sent to:
For address e-mail me.
The awards sent electronically, are free of charge.

Activators must make at least  50 QSO's from one location, to validate the expedition.
   Island activators will send an electronic log in ADIF format with all QSO's to:
   Also a short (can be long...) comment/reviews/story/photos of expedition on the islands..

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